Mid-Exhibition Reception

In conjunction with San Antonio’s Contemporary Art Month, Villa Finale: Museum & Gardens is pleased to present an exhibition of outdoor sculptures by San Antonio artist Danville Chadbourne, on their beautiful grounds in the heart of the King William Historic District. This event is free and open to the public. The exhibition will continue through May 24th, on view during Villa Finale’s normal business hours.

About the Art

Featuring thirteen recently completed outdoor works, the exhibition emphasizes Chadbourne’s typical integration of organic and geometric forms, juxtaposing bold color and graphic imagery with the natural surface qualities of high-fire ceramic, stone, and bronze. Like monuments to poetic or abstract philosophical ideas, these works stand as elegant markers of both massive, grounded form and ephemeral, enigmatic gestures. Each work is a complete, self-contained sculptural idea that finds unexpected linkages and visual interactions with the natural and man-made environment, and with each other, establishing an aesthetic and metaphorical dialogue that engages the grounds, the architecture, and the viewer in both subtle and obvious ways.

About the Artist

Primarily a sculptor in clay and wood, Chadbourne works in a range of materials and in both two- and three-dimensional formats. Over the years he has created a complex body of work unified by a primal iconography and artifact-like quality emerging from a very personal and consistent formal, aesthetic and philosophical sense. He has lived in San Antonio, Texas since 1979.


Please call (210) 223-9800 for up-to-date event information.


April 9th


4:30 - 6:30pm