The Restoration of Villa Finale

The restoration of Villa Finale began in January of 2010 and was completed in September of 2010. Projects included:

Windows and doors.  All exterior windows and doors were repaired and weatherstripped in order to be more efficient and to maintain a better interior environment for the collection.

Exterior woodwork.  The wood of the porches were examined and replaced as needed.

Interior restoration.  The interior of the entire second floor was re-painted or re-wallpapered, interior molding repaired or replaced, and a water-damaged ceiling repaired.

Accessibility.  The addition of a lift made the first floor of Villa Finale accessible. The Carriage House was made accessible as well, particularly with the addition of an accessible restroom for visitor comfort. Paths throughout Villa Finale’s grounds were leveled to eliminate tripping hazards. 

Creation of collections storage and curatorial workshop.  The garage portion of the carriage house was adapted to be a collections storage area, including a dedicated HVAC system, and workstations were added for the care of the collections as well as public workshops.

Masonry evaluation.  An evaluation of the entire masonry structure was done to develop a plan for its long-term care.

Landscape.  An efficient irrigation system was installed, the formal garden restored, and volunteer trees removed.